With the potential threat of a no-deal Brexit looming large, some of our customers have expressed concerns about continuity of service. At BLL we take these concerns very seriously and have been considering how we might mitigate any impact on our customers.

As a company that makes bespoke products, almost all the material we use are specific to a customer’s order, and we order in those materials to fulfill orders that we receive. The only exception is that we hold a limited stock of various grades of board, which is the main component of most of our products.

After extensive talks with UK board suppliers, we are confident that they will have enough reserves to meet our needs.

However, we cannot reliably anticipate our customers’ needs for other materials, so we are not able to make any advance provision for disruption of supplies coming in from outside the UK, due to the vast range of materials we use which varies according to the pattern of orders we receive.

If you are concerned about any of these potential complications, which could impact on your ability to service your customers, we can produce and deliver additional volumes before the 29th March to provide you with a level of protection should there be a no-deal Brexit.

We are governed by UK laws and not subject to non-UK regulatory regimes therefore a no-deal Brexit would not affect our ability to continue making boxes and binders for our UK customers.

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