When shopping for a ring binder, it’s paramount that you get your measurements right and buy the size that will fit your collection of papers, however much you are storing.

Sizing issues is what many of our customers deliberate over, prior to picking up the phone and giving us a call. Ordering binders that are too small, won’t store your papers neat and snug and will cause your items to look untidy and unkept, equally a large binder will appear impractical and will be cumbersome to transport. With help from our straight forward guide, you’ll be able to call us up and order your binders confident in the knowledge they’ll be the right capacity for the amount of paper you want to store.
In order for us to ensure that the binders we produce for you are the right size, we’ll need to know the following details:

What grammage paper are you using?

Most standard offices use 80gsm or 100gsm paper. The weight is normally shown on the box. Printed paper and high quality display sheets feel thicker and more like card and usually use 220gsm or higher. The thicker the paper, the higher the grammage.

How many sheets should your binder hold?
Below is a quick guide to how many sheets a binder can hold for the grammar of paper based on the following capacities:

15mm 25mm 40 mm 65mm

80 gsm paper 150 sheets 250 sheets 400 sheets 650 sheets
100 gsm paper 135 sheets 225 sheets 350 sheets 575 sheets
120 gsm paper 120 sheets 200 sheets 320 sheets 520 sheets
160 gsm paper 90 sheets 155 sheets 250 sheets 400 sheets
220 gsm paper 65 sheets 110 sheets 180 sheets 290 sheets

We can produce ring binders in any size and width, it really is determined by your individual requirements.

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