Another recent addition to the factory floor is our Semi-Automatic Box Maker. This is a compact yet dynamic machine, automating production for standard lift off lid style boxes, and a great addition to everything else we do in-house.

The semi-automatic box maker delivers improved production times that allows us to be more competitive on runs between 750 to 3000.

The machine can produce custom boxes with a finish size ranging from a minimum of 65x80x15mm and a maximum of 430x350x120mm.

The process starts with a partially pre-formed base or lid being placed on to a pre-glued material on a block at the base of the machine.

When the automatic cycle starts, the vacuum operated system keeps the product in position as the machine begins to carry out the folding and pressing cycle. Once the box lid/base is bound, the folding head then releases the finished base/lid ready for the next one to be bound.

The great thing about this piece of kit is that speed, pressure and dwell time are all adjustable so the machine can be adapted to suit the various types of binding materials we use. This maintains the quality of finish giving a consistent high quality result every time.

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