Here at BLL, we are lucky to be making personalised boxes for a range of different companies of all sizes, some of which are particularly innovative and quirky. We always try to accommodate all of the enquiries we get and don’t like to turn away a job, where we know we can help and make a positive contribution. As a result our work connects us with all sorts of dynamic companies, none more so than record label Claremont 56, who we worked with last year.

Claremont 56 is an independent record label based in London who are dedicated to releasing beautiful music, largely of the ambient, electronic variety. Their rostra includes artists from all over the world and as well as promoting their acts they also stock related merchandise on their website.

Claremont 56 contacted us initially about creating a custom box for them to hold a 12 inch vinyl record. The record was a compilation of the labels biggest tracks to date and was made to mark their 10 year anniversary. Because the vinyl was going out to all the label’s most prestigious clients, we knew we had to pull out all the stops to deliver a presentation box that would display the product neatly and exude the labels carefully crafted brand image.

The personalised box we made for the vinyl was a paper overboard bespoke box, with the company logo embossed in gold on one side of the item and gold text marking the 10th anniversary celebrations on the other. The custom box was given a sophisticated matte finish, to protect it from any spills.

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