We were recently approached by Zaag Brands a global leader in accessories and technologies that empower mobile lifestyles. They have an impressive product portfolio which includes screen protectors, power management solutions, mobile keyboards, phone cases and personal audio. One of the products they sell are Gear4 phone cases. High quality protective cases for iPhone and android phones. Zaag approached us about creating a branded paper overboard box to display 6 of these 20 cm phone cases in an upright fashion. The box was intended to promote the new products.

With regular input from the client we set to work creating a box that would display the cases in a way that would really wow the end user. Based on ideas from the client, we created an innovative paper overboard box with lift off lid, which when opened collapses at each side, revealing the 6 cases upright in the middle. The cases were contained in a foam tray at the base of the box, making them easily detachable yet securely stored.
Each fall away side has Gear4 branded imagery and product information, printed on the inside to be read when the lift is removed and the sides lay flat around the phone cases. The outer areas of the box also displays the brand.

This innovative reveal box displays the cases in a practical and stylish manner. The products as a result have an added wow factor, which our client loved!

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