In today’s digitally charged world, the old rules of promotion and PR that brands adhered to have been overturned. In its place is a new approach to generating brand awareness that utilises social apps and platforms in a way that was previously unheard of.

The gatekeepers of product success stories in the online era are not too dissimilar to the celebrity endorsers of the old world. Known as influencers, these highly coveted Social Media users can make or break a product or brands fortunes. Such is their propensity to steer the consumer habits of their highly engaged followers, they are stalked by brand reps relentlessly.

Brands are eager to get influencers onside in the hope that they will promote their products to their groups of followers who regularly carry out purchases on the influencers recommendations. These followers, are hard for brands to access but incredibly lucrative. It pays to get in touch with these influencers and get your product in front of them. One way to do this is to send them product samples and free gifts known as ‘influencer kits’. In an increasingly competitive market, where influencers are inundated with freebees and offers it can be difficult to get your product noticed. That’s where great packaging comes in.

Free gifts and samples come across as far more enticing when they are presented in elegant packaging with your brand logo and colours dominantly displayed. This is where BLL can help.

Influencer kits need to stand out from the crowd for quality and design, and at BLL we can work with you to create a box that is comprised of the functionality and aesthetic value the brand wants to exude. We deliver on time and with tight turn arounds, knowing all too well that product launches and promotions often have to happen within a short time frame.

With 100 years of experience, we are renowned for delivering high quality bespoke boxes. We can ensure you get a solid, durable but stylish box to present your products to the influencer.

If you’re a brand looking to expand your reach through influencer kits and make the most of the opportunity to get that endorsement, get in touch with BLL today.

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