At BLL, we work closely with our clients to create bespoke boxes that illustrate the distinct and inimitable qualities of their brand and its ethos

The latest trend in branding and printed design in 2020 is story telling.

In 2020, if brands really want to make an impact on their customers, they will need to present their products in packaging that tells the brand’s story, its background and its journey. This will show the human side of the brand and help consumers connect with it on an emotional level.

You can add more elements to your brand’s storytelling with every layer that the customer removes from the packaging, so that when your customer receives your product they can get to know who you are through the process of unboxing.

A good example of storytelling in packaging is when each box not only has a custom design that tells the brand’s story but it also connects to what’s inside.

The continuing rise of premium gift boxes will also play into the storytelling packaging trend in 2020. Branded packaging is especially important where the box itself becomes the only representation of your brand, especially where the purchase is an “experience” gift supplied by a third party.

So if you are selling an experience, gift card or voucher, great presentation adds to the experience of making someone feel special, promoting that emotional connection to your brand.

In 2020, expect your competitors to use packaging as an opportunity to tell their brands story and build up a rapport with customers. This style of packaging is expected to become the norm in some industries. It makes sense to start thinking about how you can capitalise on this coming trend and at BLL, we would love to work with you in bringing your design to life.

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