Brands recognise the importance of a sturdy, high quality box to present their products in. They understand that elegant, well crafted packaging can add an extra appeal to the product. The opportunity to use the box as a tool for brand awareness is also not lost on marketers. However excessive packaging and the damaging use of it, is not always understood. So what is excessive packaging and how can you avoid it?

Excessive packaging is any packaging that is wasteful. Paper and plastic, that doesn’t contribute to the safeguarding of the product or add anything in terms of creative flair or aesthetic appeal, are considered excessive packaging. Even if a facet of the packaging is being used to promote brand awareness it has to do so without comprising the structural integrity and overriding style of the box.

Many times brands package their products in bespoke boxes, which are either then wrapped in plastic or sent off to the customer with the products inside sealed in plastic. One way to avoid adding unnecessary packaging is to choose a custom made rigid box designed specifically to securely hold the content without adding extra packaging and in a choice of finishes.

The excessive use of plastic may frustrate some consumers who loathe the environmental impact that waste and single use plastic is having on the planet. Sustainability is a cause which many feel passionate about and may influence decision makers when choosing a supplier.

Another example of excessive packaging is boxes that are too large in relation to the size of the items that they are intended to hold. The items inside seem less appealing and also there is the simple fact that the contents need additional packaging to stop them rattling around in an oversized box.

Ideally packaging volume and weight should be the minimum amount to maintain the safety of the product, for the consumer and to reduce unnecessary waste.

Our bespoke boxes are rigid, high quality presentation pieces which are custom made to fit your product, securely and elegantly. When we pack our products we do so with care and thought- sufficient to protect the contents.

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