With many businesses furloughing staff and being subject to temporary closures, any current marketing efforts will have had the momentum sapped out of them.

When things start to return to normal, and they will, it will be the companies that have laid the ground work to support this return to normality that will have the advantage over their competitors.

Like all campaign launches, be it promoting a product or service, presenting samples and promotional gifts, the memorable products are those where the overall presentation, not just the products themselves, have impact.

Your packaging has to be able to support your brand identity and product quality. High quality bespoke boxes with great design and craftsmanship are a great way to get your message across.

Although difficult in these uncertain times, staying positive and using any downtime to plan for the future will not only keep you sane but give you the thinking time to be more creative.

Whatever your strategy might be for re-connecting with your customers in the future if you need something tangible, we can help you with all your box and binder needs.

With your great design and the help of BLL’s creative craftspeople, together we can produce bespoke boxes and binders of the highest quality that your customers, current and prospective will love.

You can expect competition to be fierce after this period of inactivity so having the right impact at the right time is going to be more important than ever.

So if you are looking to the future and want to ensure you are first in the queue for getting your bespoke rigid boxes or binders manufactured and in front of your customers when we are through the other side of this crisis, doing the preparation early will be time well spent.

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