Humans are tactile people and touch is an important sense of wellbeing.

Many common sensory marketing approaches focus on sight, sound or smell but the sense of touch should not be overlooked. It has been argued that touch can create symbolic connections between people and products and that physically holding a product can create a sense of psychological ownership.

There is also a relationship between the quality of the product and the quality of the packaging. No one expects to receive their latest generation mobile phone or high tech gadget in a flimsy, shoddily made box. The visual appeal and feel of the packaging are all part of the purchasing experience, now more than ever.

At BLL we produce great quality, innovative boxes for you to showcase your products. Our bespoke boxes display your brand and present your products in a way that helps you connect with your target audience, emphasising quality and strengthening brand awareness.

So whether you are looking for the wow factor to display your product at a launch party or great quality braded boxes to protect and deliver your products safely to your customers we can help.

Contact us to see how we can help you create beautiful boxes your customers will love.

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