You will be aware of the importance of presentation when it comes to marketing your products. Presentation is after all one of the key elements of the marketing mix. As suppliers of bespoke boxes and binders to a whole host of corporate brands and marketing agencies, we are acutely aware of how the right custom box can provide the backbone of a good promotional campaign. It can help to break down the physical barrier between the customer and the client and help them feel more of a personal connection to a brand. Here is how the right box can increase brand awareness and in-turn product sales.

Create something Insta-Worthy

Package your products and promotional materials in a bespoke box that has that wow-factor and you could find it gets shared on Social Media. Many of the bespoke boxes that we create include special innovative features, which engage and inspire the recipients. Concealed magnetic closures on covers and laminated finishes, inspire consumers to take pictures of not just the products but the presentation boxes themselves to post online. This is effectively free publicity for your brand.

Create something Eco-Friendly

If your business has an eco-friendly slant to it, sourcing biodegradable, minimal or reusable boxes is a must. Not just so you remain brand consistent, but also there is a growing customer subset which views reduced plastic and recyclable products as attractive and inciting. Here at BLL, we have recently modified our lever-arch folders so that they are comprised of 90% less plastic.

Get Timely

Using digital printing, customised boxes can be made to accompany seasonal promotions. Creating campaigns which reflect the retail calendar, such as shamrocks for St Patrick’s Day or traditional Yuletide colours at Christmas, can be an effective way of promoting products.

Think Smart

There’s no limit to what you can print onto your personalised boxes. Here at BLL we can create almost anything. What this means for you and your customers, is less need for promotional inserts. You can print all your slogans, USPs and CTA’s on your boxes. The box effectively becomes advertising space.

To be extra efficient, you can test and track the effectiveness of different types of custom boxes so, over time, you can learn what your customers respond to best. We are only too happy to provide you with extra volumes.

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