The most recent addition to our factory floor is The X-Treme Light tape application machine. This powerful piece of kit dramatically increases the speed at which we can apply tape when fixing trays and plinths to our bespoke boxes, speeding up production times and keeping costs down.

This taping machine automatically applies all types of double sided adhesive tapes to a wide range of materials. Historically, we applied these tapes by hand, which is a labour intensive job that can lead to slower production times. The new machine guarantees accuracy and precision and provides a cost effective solution to automating our taping.

One of the many great aspects of the machine is that is has 6 fully independent tape applicator heads fitted which allows us to apply multiple strips of tape to material in just one pass.

What this means in practical terms is that more than one job can be running on the machine at once. Resulting in even more high speed productiveness!

With set up times of less than 5 minutes, this brilliant and innovative machine can apply tapes at speeds up to 50m/min.

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